Peaceful Valley Haven

In the heart of southwest Wisconsin, you can explore Peaceful Valley Haven, an ever-growing series of miniature buildings, modeled after historical and regional interests.

Peaceful Valley Haven is a FREE outdoor museum, open to the public 7-days a week. Tours and gift shop availability by chance or appointment only.

Regional History

At 1:6 size of the original structure, each building is dedicated to someone who has been a part of Allen’s life.

1:6 Scale

With no detail spared, Allen’s meticulous work is apparent inside and out of each model.

Allen Arnold

A carpenter by trade, Allen enjoys constructing these replica buildings in his spare time.

Our Buildings


Completed Build Date: Dedicated To: Kenny Mullenberg, a long-time builder in the Cashton-area Inspired by the film, Back to the Future, Allen constructed a courthouse for Peaceful Valley Haven. Inside, you’ll see doll couples attending court, making a snack in the lunchroom, or in the lower level jail.

Other Wonders

Visitor Center Allen Arnold started carving and creating miniature wagons as a young boy. Some of his creations from decades past, as well as new items, can be seen at the visitor center. Buggy’s, cargo wagons, and a Well’s Fargo stagecoach are on display. Al’s only request, please sign the registration book! It means so much…

Hunting Lodge

Completed Date: Fall 2020 Dedicate To: Rita Arnold (Mayor of Peaceful Valley Haven) This hunting lodge is complete with furniture, a stone-laid fireplace, lights, and, of course, animal mounts!

Fairy House

Completed Build On: Dedicated To: Delores Thurston Shingle Count: It’s hard to believe this tree-like form could be sculpted from cement. It was built indoors and fashioned with whimsical furniture, including hammocks, tables, chairs and a spiral staircase. Peaceful Valley Haven is certainly a place for whimsy.

Dutch Windmill

Completed Build Date: Dedicated To: Abner and Verna Miller, Arnold’s neighbors Shingle Count: On a breezy day, you can see these vibrant sails turning, and standing at 22 feet tall, it’s hard to miss. Note: When sails are turning, please keep your distance to avoid potential harm. 

Saw Mill

In Progress! Dedicated To: Shingle Count: This building is nearly finished, with the expectation of being ready to view in late 2020. It’s equipped with a fully functioning water wheel and line shaft – good thing too, with all these tiny buildings being made, lumber is a hot commodity!

Victorian House

Completed Build On: Dedicated To: Charlene “Chy” Dockerty, Allen’s sister Shingle Count: 11,600 The Victorian House has to be one of Allen’s most dynamic projects. Not only does the building itself command one’s attention, but the meticulous details inside reveal a world of wonder. It has rugs, wallpaper, hand-made rockers and dressers. Cribs, beds and fainting…

Gas Station

Completed Build On: Dedicated To: Shawn Engh, owner of Signs by Shawn in Viroqua. Shawn assisted with the many signs that can be found in the exhibit. Made in a 1920’s style, this gas station is complete with hand-pump gas pumps, hardware supplies, and a pop machine. The gas pumps, made from glass bottles, jars and…

Water Tower

Completed Build Date: Dedicated To: John Hauser, who worked for the village of Cashton for 42 years. Unlike the other buildings, the tower is constructed from bent metal, rivets and screws. It’s a replica of the Cashton water tower, built in 1918, which was only recently dismantled. If visiting at dusk, you’ll likely catch a glimpse…

Covered Bridge

Completed Build Date: March 2018 Dedicated To: Jerry Arnold & Charlotte “Petie” La Force, Allen’s siblings Shingle Count: 7,000 Though this may look like a simple structure, it certainly was no easy feat to get this building into place. All portions of this bridge (the bridge and the two stone supports) were built within the Arnold’s garage.…

Appalachian Cantilever Barn

Completed Build Date:  Dedicated to: Charles & Delbert Arnold, Allen’s brothers Shingle Count: 7,000 This was built in the “double crib” style, the most common style in Appalachia. The base made of logs, would’ve held grains, and hay or tobacco would been held in the upper portion.

Norwegian Stabbur House

Completed Build Date: Dedicated to: John and Rebecca Mae Hanson, the grandparents of Rita Arnold, Allen’s wife The Westby area is brimming with Norwegian culture, everything from lefse to ski jumps, and now a true-to-life Stabbur at Arnold’s Peaceful Valley Haven. This building is composed of small logs, tables, beds, grass roof, and rosemaling wallpaper right…

Hardware Store

Completed Build Date: February 2017 Dedicated To: Paul Lind, long-time friend and owner of Lind’s Home Center in Cashton. Shingle Count: 5,500 With a banjo-playing Ken doll relaxing on a bench outside, this building beckons one to take a look inside. Allen’s resourcefulness and creativity are on full display in the store. Though Allen will admit this…

Gambrel Barn

Completed Build Date: April 2016 Dedicated to: Charles & Elsie Arnold, Allen’s parents. Shingle Count: 7,500 This beautiful red barn is a great example of Allen’s integrity to keeping the structure and the construction methodology accurate. He used small wooden pegs as opposed to nails for the beams, and crafted horse stalls to keep the buildings as true…

Peaceful Valley Church

Completed Build Date: Dedicated to: Ray & LaValle Wangen, Arnold’s long-time neighbor Shingle Count: 6,800 Allen worked on the life-size version of this church, reconstructing it and assisting its move from Sparta, Wisconsin to Norskedalen Nature Center. Shortly after working on that project, he used his skills to recreate it for his 1:6 scale exhibit. The church…

Round Barn

Completed Build Date: Dedicated To: Alga “Algie” Shivers Shingle Count: 10,500  – Allen’s first time making these small wood shingles, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. This building exemplifies the uniquely high concentration of round barns in Vernon County Wisconsin, many of which were built by Algie Shivers. This round barn is 10.5 ft across, includes…

Arched Roof Dairy Barn

Completed Build Date: Originally Built in 1987, moved into place in 2014. Dedicated to: Allen’s in-laws, Alfred and Darlene Rumppe Allen started his first building, this Arched Roof Dairy Barn, back in 1987. It sat in various locations: by the road, or shielded within another building, until it was outfitted with a Harvester silo, and…

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In the heart of southwest Wisconsin, you can explore Peaceful Valley Haven, an ever-growing series of miniature buildings, modeled after historical and regional interests. A carpenter by trade, Allen Arnold (Bigfoot) enjoys constructing these replica buildings in his spare time.

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